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All your clinical data organized in a Personalized Digital Health File followed by a Medical Report containing the physician's recommendation based on peer review journals and categorized in levels of evidence.

Patient Guidance

Cancer diagnosis and treatment usually require multiple professionals with complementary skills. A Comprehensive Cancer Evaluation should review the impression of all medical specialties involved in patient's care. The main objective of a Comprehensive Cancer Evaluation is the integration of the working group data, searching for a consensus.

To obtain a Comprehensive Cancer Evaluation you should make an appointment by email or phone. At the scheduled time you should attend, carrying all your exams. There will be a medical interview followed by a physical exam lasting for about 90 minutes. Data analysis and exams review require approximately three days. All the information will be organized at a Personalized Digital Health File (PDHF) , which supports the Medical Report. There will be as many interviews as it would be necessary for a patient complete understanding of all information included into his/her Medical Report.

Both PDHF and Medical Report will be permanently available for patient consultation, both in virtual format or printed. The security is assured by using a patient customized password.

The Shared Decision Making

Personalized Digital Health File

Personalized Digital Health File

The Personalized Digital Health File (PDHF) was designed for a computed storage of patient's clinical data in a simple and secure way. The physician is responsible for the data quality, ensuring its credibility and authenticity.

The PDHF belongs to the patient, who could access his data universally and in real time (portability), using essentially a nontransferable personalized password (confidentiality).

Whenever a new content is saved in the PDHF, it cannot be erased, getting registered under its respective icon. Additional inviolability is assured by automatic generation of a list of events.

Medical Report

Medical Report

The Medical Report is the professional critical review of all patient clinical data, which was previously included in the PDHF. This writing document additionally contains a recommendation, based on papers published in peer review journals and categorized in levels of evidence.

The Medical Report belongs to the patient and is universally accessed by using a nontransferable personalized password (confidentiality). Once published, the document could not be edited anymore (inviolability).

The Professional

James Fleck, MD., PhD.

CREMERS 8873 RQE 25613

Dr. James Fleck is a Full Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University Hospital of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil. Has thirty years of professional experience in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Obtained his Fellowship in Clinical Oncology at the Indiana University Cancer Center, USA and his PhD as a joint venture of National Research Council of Brazil and the Tumor Biology Laboratory, VA Medical Center, USA. Chief of Clinical Oncology Department at the University Hospital (1994–2002), Medical Director of Santa Casa Cancer Center (2002-2007), Advisory Member on the Technical Board of the Regional Council of Medicine, Vice-President of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Oncology for three consecutive terms, Leader of an Oncology Research Group at the Brazilian National Research Council, Effective Member of twelve national and international medical societies, published six books and several articles in peer review journals of significant impact factor.

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